It’s a Driver’s Car

“I love hearing the growl of an engine under sharp acceleration, the planted feeling through the apex of a corner, the view of the road down the line of a Corvette hood.”

-Sarah Shelton, Corvettes Expert

When you choose your favorite car is your initial opinion based on looks, performance, or functionality? Perhaps your favorite car has a little bit of each. This Corvette does and that is precisely why it should win the #CASClubChallenge. (vote!)

blue lightning

Outfitted with a few beautifications, particularly the lights in the side scoops, this car is a show stopper at cruise nights. It loves to hang out at Rise and Drive in the summer. (vote!)


But it’s not the most perfect example for show because it can also kick it on the racetrack. Those 120 mph bug splats don’t come off! (vote!)

Rain & Shine

It’s driven cross-country in rain and shine. Even had a little run in with a truck tire tread! (The clear bra paid for itself that day) (vote!)


And it’s not even afraid of a little bit of Chicago Winter. (vote!)

Auto Show

So, when you’re debating which car is the best choice for the #CASClubChallenge, choose the driver’s car that does it all; track, road, rain, shine, snow, sleet, and can still clean up well enough for a show! (vote!)