Heavy Machinery Class

When you have some experience working on your car you may be ready to start modifying and tweaking your ride. Once you are ready to move to the big stuff you will need to learn how to use the big machines. In this class, we will cover the professional tools that require training. Used incorrectly many of • Read More »

Destruction Party

May 16, 6:30p.m. If you’ve been in the shop you have seen the purple shell of what once was an Accord. We were going to use the car, but as more and more parts kept disappearing from it it has become quite apparent that it is better used as scrap. So we’re having a destruction • Read More »

Alignment by String Class

May 9, 6:30-7:30 p.m. Need to tweak your alignment, but the alignment shop won’t use your specs? Some racecar drivers have sworn off letting someone else do it and have also found that a big expensive alignment rack is not necessary for aligning your wheels. Watch and learn as our most experienced race car driver • Read More »