Automotive Electrical Systems Class

Cars are so complicated these days with all the computers and electronics they use! Not to worry, in this class, we will show you how the electrical systems in your car work to make your machine run smoothly. We will talk about the importance of the battery and how to care for it. How the belt system • Read More »

Announcing Our New Referral Program

We’ve finally created a referral program to help our customers save more. We are starting a “Sales Army” of people who enjoy working on their cars with us and would love to encourage others to do the same. You are invited to join! Here are the details: Refer a customer and get 10% of what they spend • Read More »

Preparing for Your Long Distance Motorcycle Ride

When you can’t get enough of riding it may be time to consider a long trip. Whether you are going off for a weekend or weeks it’s very important to consider how you will prepare. How much luggage can you bring? Do you have the stamina to ride for as many hours per day it • Read More »