Making a Space for DIY Mechanics

When embracing a cramped city lifestyle, most auto enthusiasts don’t have the required space and necessary tools to enjoy their hobby. As Gearhead owners Molly & Tim grew frustrated with their inability to perform even regular maintenance, they decided to create a unique space that would solve this problem. They spoke with fellow enthusiasts, meticulously planned for peak functionality, identified key resources, and then built an open-community garage to enhance the urban lifestyle of auto lovers.

The overriding goal in creating the garage was to forge a communal space where enthusiasts could share ideas, expertise, and resources to the benefit of all members. Embracing experienced mechanics, DIYers, and those just starting to learn how to service their vehicles, the space is built to provide everything one needs to continually learn and excel. Professional mechanics are on staff to help with projects and provide advice. Classes and tutorials help members advance their knowledge base. Special events and activities bring members together under the umbrella of a common passion.

From experienced gearheads who won’t let anyone else touch their car to beginners who don’t even know where to start, we’ll help you get the most out of your efforts.

The Tools to Fuel Your Passion

  • Rent a lift or flat bay (hourly or daily) includes a full set of standard tools
  • Rent specialty tools including use of diagnostic equipment, the tire machine, welder, and more.
  • Ordering and delivery of parts let us know what you need, and we’ll get it here
  • Work with a mechanic to get the job done right and to learn from the best
  • Take a tour of your car with a professional mechanic to better understand your vehicle
  • Attend classes to expand your knowledge base and learn tricks of the trade
  • Store your seasonal tires
  • Receive discounts on space and tool rentals when you sign up for a membership
  • Membership benefits include discounts on space and tool rentals, member lounge access, and invitations to exclusive events

The Know How to Plan Your Project

Download a DIY repair manual from Mitchell 1 to plan your project and guide you through it when you are here. Each bay is equipped with an internet-connected TV that you can use to pull up your manual or other materials for reference while you work.

More Affordable (and Fun) than your Local Mechanic!

Hourly RatesLift BayFlat BayMoto BayMechanic Coach
Regular Member$39$30$16$30*
Super Member$0*$0*$0*$30*
Premium Member$0*$0*$0*$30*
Rates above are hourly, and charged in 15 minute increments.
*Members receive 1 day of car storage or 1 hour of coaching.
Premium Members receive 14 days of car storage or 14 hours of coaching (mix and match)
Premium Members bay time is free for up to 150 hours per year / 50% discount beyond that
Super Members receive 5 hours of car storage or 5 hours of coaching (mix and match)
Super Members bay time is free for up to 70 hours per year / 30% discount beyond that