Gift Guide

Gearhead Gift Giving Guide

Gearheads don’t tend to be a finicky bunch when it comes to the gifts they desire. They just want to wrench! Whether the gearhead in your life is new at turning a wrench or is working on the umpteenth racecar we have a gift that is sure to be useful! Check them out in our guide below.

Master in BadAssery the MBA Program

Save money and sign your gearhead up for the full MBA program. The MBA program is a series of 6 classes that we keep on repeat so your gearhead can learn at his/her own pace. Classes include; Mastering the Inspection, Oil Change, Disc Brakes, Automotive Fluids, Heavy Machinery, and Electrical Systems. The classes are not dependent on each other, so they do not need to be taken in order. After completing the MBA students receive 1 hour of bay time. From now through December 24 purchase the entire series for $215.

*Please note we will need to coordinate your gearhead receiving a special booklet for the series please email us to arrange this


With three membership options available we can support your gearhead’s hobby or passion. The basic membership gives your gearhead a 20% discount on hourly services and includes 1 hour of bay time or 1 hour of coaching. The super membership comes with 70 hours of bay time plus 5 hours of coaching or 5 nights of storage that can be mixed and matched. After the 70 hours are used your gearhead will receive a 30% discount. The premium membership includes 150 hours of bay time plus 14 hours of coaching or 14 nights of storage that can be mixed and matched. After the 150 hours your gearhead will get a 50% discount.

Sign up your gearhead here.

Bay Time Packages

Is your gearhead receiving a special project this holiday? Perhaps a set of lift hours will help get the job done! Save money by purchasing blocks of hours. They do not expire and they do not need to be used at the same time.

Check out the options here.

Gift Certificates

Perhaps your gearhead needs something a little more customized. Gift certificates can be a monetary amount or more specific. Some ideas might be a few hours of bay time, a class or two, or some coaching sessions. Email us at and we can help you design the perfect gift for your gearhead.


Perhaps your gearhead just needs a new shirt or hoodie to wrench in. Check out our swag shop here!