Introducing the Gearhead Workspace Q&A Blog Posts

Hello Gearheads,

In talking with potential members, we have found that people have a lot of questions about what Gearhead Workspace will be like when we actually open and why they should become a member – particularly a Founding Member. We have decided to start this blog in order to answer your questions. Today I will start with a very high level overview and then I will get into more specific questions in subsequent posts.

So, what is Gearhead Workspace?
Gearhead Workspace is a place where the Chicago automotive enthusiast community can come together, get to know other enthusiasts, and pursue their automotive passions. We will have everything you need to do regular maintenance, moderate upgrades and repairs, and track day prep. There will be lift bays and there will be at least one wash/detail bay for those that like to keep their rides looking beautiful. Each lift bay will come with a full set of basic tools. We will have specialized tool sets for specific makes available as well, for a small fee. We will also have a professional-grade diagnostics computer available that our staff will be happy to operate for you and give you the results. Many people ask if we will have a paint booth. We will not have one initially but if there is enough demand from our customers we may add one later. You will be able to rent the bays by the hour or by the day. For members, weekly rates can be negotiated.

Why should I sign up for a Founding Membership?
Gearhead Workspace will happily rent bays by the hour to non-members. However, members will be offered significant benefits. Basic Members will receive a substantial discount on bays and tools. Premium Members will be able to use the lift bays and the tools with no hourly charge, though there will be an annual hourly limit of 150 hours- Sorry you can’t just take over a lift for the whole winter. Above that limit, Premium Members will receive a substantial discount on the hourly rate for the rest of the year. All members will have access to our members lounge where you can relax while you are waiting for a bay or just show up to hang out with other Gearheads. We will also host some special events in the members lounge potentially including F1 viewing parties, whiskey tastings (after everyone is done working of course), and many others. The events will be based on the feedback from our Members. We also plan to organize trips for members to autocross days, hill climbs (Dragon Hill Climb anyone?), etc. We would also like to provide our premium members the opportunity to join a crapcan racing team and participate in events like the 24 Hours of Lemons and the Grassroots Motorsports Challenge.

Once we have opened our doors, a basic membership will cost $300 and a premium membership will be $3000. However, we are offering our Founding Memberships for $150 and $1500 respectively. Why? Because we need your help to open! By signing up for a founding membership you will help us prove that the Chicago gearhead community wants our business to open. Founding Memberships will be annual memberships but rather than being good for a year starting on the day of purchase, the time will not start counting until the day of our grand opening which we are targeting for late summer of 2015. We also plan to have some extra special events that are for the Founding Members only.

We want to hear from you!
What questions do you have? What kind of jobs would you like to do? Please email us at and let us know! We will be answering questions on this blog based on what is sent to our Feedback email address.

We hope to hear from you.

-Tim Heyen, Founder