Cats & O2 Sensors Class

Check engine light again?! And the codes don’t make it clear whether it is your O2 sensor or catalytic converter? What are these things anyway? Every car that was made after 1980 has 2-4 oxygen sensors in the emissions control system. The O2 sensors will alert you when your emissions are excessive and a faulty O2 sensor will often cause you to fail your emissions test. These sensors are located in front of your catalytic converter and in the exhaust manifolds. The catalytic converter breaks down unburned gases and converts them to safe elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water, resulting in less pollution. Diagnosing which element is bad can be a tricky process and a misdiagnosis can result in a very pricey, unnecessary repair. In this class, we will learn more about how the O2 sensors and cats work as well as maintenance and troubleshooting techniques.

$25 Thursday 11/1 6:30-7:30 p.m.