A Space for Your Budding Automotive Business

Gearhead Workspace is perfectly outfitted for your growing automotive business. Whether in the detailing business, wrenching on the side, or a mechanic looking to take on more work, we offer flexible space and schedules to provide a fully outfitted automotive repair space.

About Gearhead Workspace

As Gearhead owners Molly & Tim grew frustrated with their inability to perform even regular maintenance, they decided to create a unique space that would solve this problem. They spoke with fellow enthusiasts and mechanics, and meticulously designed a space for peak functionality for the automotive enthusiast.

This dedication to convenience and functionality is perfectly designed to help you add space to your business.

Benefitting Your Business

With flexible bay rental times, tool rentals and a warm, clean space, you can add space and resources to your business without moving buildings. The immediate result is more repair work for you, and quicker repair times for your customers. Otherwise known as a win-win.

Our Facilities*

  • Rent a lift or flat bay (hourly or daily) includes a full set of standard tools
  • Rent specialty tools including use of diagnostic equipment, the tire machine, welder, and more.
  • Ordering and delivery of parts let us know what you need, and we’ll get it here
  • Parts Storage
  • Receive discounts on space and tool rentals when you sign up for a membership
  • At this time, Gearhead Workspace does not accommodate painting, bodywork, powdercoating, or heavy fabrication needs.
  • Contact UsInterested in learning more? Contact Us Today to discuss rates and bay availability.