Wrench a Racecar Fridays!

Calling anyone who wants to learn anything about cars!

All skill levels will learn something new at our Wrench a Racecar Fridays. Gearhead Workspace has been stripping down a Honda Accord to turn it into a Lemons Racecar. Now that we’ve added as much lightness as possible it’s time to put the pieces back together and create a barebones vehicle that will take turns around the racetrack for a full weekend. Workshops will be held every Friday until the project is complete. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to do a variety of tasks from installing seats and seatbelts to installing the engine! Our most experienced racecar builder mechanic will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Whether your interest is in basic auto maintenance or advanced mechanical modifications you will have the opportunity to learn it all. We will be working on a variety of projects each week, so leave your intimidation right now and just let us know how much you are comfortable with. Grab a date and do something a little different on Friday! (Cheap date alert! Only $25ea)

What’s a Lemons Racecar? This car will be raced in two endurance championships, 24 Hours of LeMons and Champ Car Endurance Series. The basic rules are the same for each. Teams are challenged to buy a car for under $500 and keeping within that budget make it driveable for a weekend on a closed course racetrack. They can only go above and beyond that budget for safety equipment such as brakes, tires, the roll cage, seats, etc. We want to be safe after all!

What’s adding lightness? Adding lightness is a term coined by the founder of Lotus (surely you’ve seen one of these little bug eyed sportscars cruising around the viagra triangle or perhaps you remember the car Richard Gere didn’t know how to drive in Pretty Woman? That’s the one!) His famous quote, “Simplify, then add lightness” quickly sums up the basic goal in building a racecar.

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