Supported Jobs

Hello again fellow Gearheads,

A lot of the questions we are asked center around what jobs we will be able to support. While I can’t possibly cover every scenario here, I would like to provide some guidelines that should give you a very good idea as to whether or not the project you are thinking of will be supported. The most important factor affecting what jobs you can do is your skill. We want our customers to leave happy after a job well done so we will try to encourage you to tackle jobs that are within your skill level or work with someone who is more experienced and can help you learn how it’s done.

We expect many of our members will want to perform normal maintenance themselves and we plan to support regular maintenance for practically any vehicle. This will include fluid changes of all types and we will even have many common fluids and filters available for sale. We expect brake jobs to be a common occurrence including rotor replacement, pad replacement, and brake fluid flush. We will also easily be able to support the replacement of things like serpentine belts, spark plugs, alternators, water pumps, etc.

One of the big advantages to bringing your car or motorcycle to Gearhead Workspace is that it will give you the opportunity to access equipment that most individuals are not willing to purchase for themselves like professional diagnostic computers that cost thousands of dollars. We will be happy to help you run any diagnostics necessary to get your pointed in the right direction troubleshooting problems with your vehicle.

Tires, Alignment, and Dyno
We do plan to have the necessary equipment available to mount and balance tires. We are looking to our potential customers to let us know if you want to have access to an alignment machine and a dyno. We will only purchase these items if there is enough demand. So if these are tools that you would be willing to pay to use, please let us know.

We will have a welder in the shop but in order to use the welder you will need to attend a training class with one of our mechanics or provide proof of a recognized welding certification.

Engine Swaps?
We have been asked by a number of people if we will support engine swaps. This is something that we will support provided that someone with the proper experience is on the job. Again, we want to encourage our customers to tackle jobs that add to their knowledge and experience and that they are also likely to succeed in doing. We will have the tools necessary to perform an engine swap but we will expect to work with us to plan the job so we can make sure that reasonable time expectations are set and that it is performed safely.

You can expect further details on the jobs we plan to support in the near future. As always, if you have any questions about what Gearhead Workspace will be like or would like to let us know what work you are itching to do on your machine please contact us at


-Tim Heyen, Founder