Earn Your MBA – Master in BadAssery

Are you new to automotive work, but want to kick-start your hobby? Earn your MBA (Master in BadAssery) at Gearhead University. This 6-week series will start with a basic inspection and work through oil change, brakes, fluids, using machines such as the spring strut compressor, the tire machine, and the torch and ending with a bigger class project. Classes will meet on Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Once you earn your MBA enjoy 1 free hour of lift time to start practicing your skills! Purchase the series for $160.
May 6 Inspection
May 13 Oil Change
May 20 Brakes
May 27 Fluids
June 3 Heavy Machinery
June 10 Champ Car Project
Sign up at Dabble.co.
Note: If you have already taken some of the classes in the series you can still earn your MBA by completing the classes you are missing during the series. All classes will also be offered individually.