Announcing Our New Referral Program

We’ve finally created a referral program to help our customers save more. We are starting a “Sales Army” of people who enjoy working on their cars with us and would love to encourage others to do the same. You are invited to join! Here are the details:

Refer a customer and get 10% of what they spend up to the first $1000 or for the first year in which they are a customer, whichever comes first. Get an additional $30 if they purchase a membership. You could earn up to $130 in cash per customer you refer!

If you chose to take shop credit instead of cash, you get 50% more. That is, 15% of the first $1000 or first year and $45 for a membership (no discounts can be applied). That’s up to $195 worth of credit for bay time, coaching, classes, or however you would like to spend it!

To help spread the word and keep track of your referrals we will provide you with a unique set of business cards for your referrals to bring in. They will receive 25% off their first hour of bay time. In order to become part of the program, we do ask you to split the cost of your business cards with us. That cost is $30 for 250 cards.

Ready to sign up? Let us know!