Automotive Specialty Tools Class

Some jobs are deceptively simple to do, you just need the right tool. In this class, we will learn about some of the specialty tools we have available to make your job a little easier. Some of the ones we will cover include: Brake caliper reset tools Little OBD2 scanner Vacuum bleed kits Line flare • Read More »

Automotive Electrical Systems Class

Cars are so complicated these days with all the computers and electronics they use! Not to worry, in this class, we will show you how the electrical systems in your car work to make your machine run smoothly. We will talk about the importance of the battery and how to care for it. How the belt system • Read More »

Heavy Machinery Class

When you have some experience working on your car you may be ready to start modifying and tweaking your ride. Once you are ready to move to the big stuff you will need to learn how to use the big machines. In this class, we will cover the professional tools that require training. Used incorrectly many of • Read More »