Wrench a Racecar Fridays!

Calling anyone who wants to learn anything about cars! All skill levels will learn something new at our Wrench a Racecar Fridays. Gearhead Workspace has been stripping down a Honda Accord to turn it into a Lemons Racecar. Now that we’ve added as much lightness as possible it’s time to put the pieces back together and create a barebones • Read More »

Learn to Change Your Car’s Oil

May 13, 2:00-3:00 p.m. Changing the oil is one of the most regular maintenance functions of owning a car. While many people don’t know how it is actually a pretty simple and quick job. In this class, you will watch a demonstration on how it is done and have the opportunity to change your own oil • Read More »

Load the Lifts this Summer

Grab your friends and reserve 3 or 4 lifts at the same time during the week (Wed, Thur, or Fri). When you are all done with your jobs roll the dice. High roller will get his lift time discounted. If he is a non-member he will pay the regular member rate, if he is a member he will pay the premium over hours rate, if he is a premium • Read More »